The First Customer – Overcoming setbacks on the path to entrepreneurial greatness with Edward DuCoin

Jay Aigner: “In this episode, I was lucky enough to interview Edward DuCoin, founder and partner of Orpical.


Edward grew up in South Jersey and his early experiences with financial struggles and observing his family’s challenges fueled his entrepreneurial spirit. Starting with a ski tours business at 13, he eventually founded a teleservices company that grew to over 1,500 employees. Orpical, initially a website design firm, evolved into a business consulting and software development agency that stays ahead of the curve, particularly in integrating artificial intelligence.


Edward emphasizes the importance of naivety in the early stages, having a great team for growth, and implementing procedures for scalability. Orpical’s success stories include acquiring clients through unconventional methods like Craigslist and maintaining a client relationship for over a decade. Reflecting on lessons learned, Edward highlights the significance of cash flow management and the need for efficient processes to ensure business resilience and scalability.


Join us for an inspiring journey as Edward DuCoin shares invaluable insights on entrepreneurship, resilience, and the intersection of technology and business in this captivating podcast episode!”