Ed driving the #20 Equity Bank racecar at Summit Point Raceway
Edward DuCoin stands as a testament to entrepreneurial perseverance and business acumen. Beginning his journey in 1984, he transformed a modest $500 investment into Impact Marketing Inc., a company that would go on to be publicly traded on NASDAQ, employ over 1,000 people, and earn accolades like being among INC. Magazine’s “500 Fastest Growing Companies” three years running.

His leadership saw Impact merge with other organizations, birthing Compass International Services Corporation, which became the NASDAQ company Edward had always dreamed of forming. As the President of the Marketing Division and Board Member, Edward was instrumental in integrating new acquisitions and bolstering the company’s direction into new markets. 

The sale of Compass International in 2000 marked Edward’s return to his entrepreneurial roots. He founded New Edventures, a consulting firm that played a pivotal role in the success of startups like Mission Control Productivity. Edward’s versatility and knack for identifying opportunities also saw him contribute to ventures as diverse as Liberty Bell Bank, a commercial bank still operating today, Bang Racing, a NASCAR team that brought Toyota to the sport, and Purify Solutions, a technology company based in Silicon Valley.

Over the years, Edward’s influence has included doing business in nine countries, raising over $20 million in venture capital, and devising strategic plans and operational blueprints for dozens of companies.

The true testament to his entrepreneurial perseverance and business acumen stems from the 2008 banking crisis. Venture capital ceased, and the markets were in a panic. Pending equity-based opportunities disappeared, and havoc ensued. Many lessons were learned, and in 2009, the plan for Orpical Group, a strategic marketing agency, was born.

Orpical is a successful and ongoing agency that has won numerous industry awards. The establishment of Right Insulation in 2014 and the innovative Website Investment Trust (WIT) in 2022 further accentuate his vision and tenacity. Right Insulation and WIT are close strategic partners of Orpical, sharing many of the same team members.

Educated at The Wharton School of Business, Edward is not just a businessman but also an author of best-sellers like “Wake Up & Live a Life You Love” and “The Glass is Half Full and Frozen.”

He has an MBA and has taught at The Fox School of Business at Temple University. He has made over forty speaking appearances at universities such as Rutgers, Harvard, and Villanova.
Edward DuCoin’s remarkable journey, interspersed with professional accolades and overcoming setbacks, underlines his dedication to entrepreneurial excellence. He remains a source of inspiration, driving individuals and businesses to explore and achieve their fullest potential. Through his multifaceted roles, he continues to leave an indelible mark on the business landscape. However, it is essential to note that any personal accomplishment does not come without passionate and committed family, friends, team members, and partners. Edward is quick to point out that all good and the recovery from all challenges was based on the foundation of solid and reliable relationships. There is no way that the successes outlined above would have been possible without his two key partners, David DuCoin his partner and brother with Impact/Compass, and Stefan Schulz, his partner since 2012 on all professional endeavors.
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